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p,20230929 aa 51,195790r,The Pause ,cp,20230928 aa 41,195652,Just Looking at You ,cp,20230927 aa 32,195503r,Nice and Easy ,cp,20230926 aa 21,195581,Colorfull Looks ,cp,20230925 aa 11,195495r,The Big Circle and the Queen ,cP,20230922 aa 51,213299,Very Beautiful Lady ,cp,20230921 aa 41,213364,Lovely Lady in Black ,cp,20230920 aa 31,213282,Enchanting and Charming Lady ,cp,20230919 aa 22,213301,Lovely Smile ,cp,20230918 aa 11,213281,The Queen of Goree Island ,cp,20230915 aa 51,259331,Blade Control ,cp,20230914 aa 42,259317,Very Lovely Smile ,cp,20230913 aa 31,259302,Lovely Princess ,cp,20230912 aa 22,259311,Lovely Warrior ,cp,20230911 aa 12,259292,Modern Swordswoman ,cp,20230908 aa 51,225225,The Query ,cp,20230907 aa 41,225224,Free Poppy ,cp,20230906 aa 31,225205,Lovely Poppies ,cp,20230905 aa 21,225175,Delicate Flowers ,cp,20230904 aa 11,225173,Summer Days ,c