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p,20230303 aa 53,206307,Antique Dealer and Reflections ,bp,20230302 aa 41,202994,Tulips Long Line ,cp,20230301 aa 31,202958,Parroquets Talkings ,cp,20230228 aa 21,202956,Other Parroquets ,cp,20230227 aa 12,202946,Lovely Tulips ,cp,20230224 aa 52,204135,Cute Little Dwarfs ,cp,20230223 aa 41,203848,Lovely Lady ,cp,20230222 aa 31,203846,Young Sir ,cp,20230221 aa 22,203870,Goddesses and Other Things ,cp,20230220 aa 12,203810,Love ,cp,20230217 aa 51,221547,Dear Domes ,cp,20230216 aa 41,221448,Classical Architecture ,cp,20230215 aa 31,221540,Trinita' dei Monti ,cp,20230214 aa 21,221447,The Cupola ,cp,20230213 aa 11,221411,Domes ,cp,20230210 aa 53,221238,The Game ,bp,20230209 aa 41,204220,Nuances ,cp,20230208 aa 31,204211,Curiosity ,cp,20230207 aa 21,204206,Together ,cp,20230206 aa 14,221186,Yesterday Morning ,b