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20230303 aa 54,206339,More Antiquities ,b20230303 aa 53,206307,Antique Dealer and Reflections ,b20230302 aa 44,206352,Frame and Doors ,b20230302 aa 43,205454,Our Pinocchio ,b20230301 aa 34,206330,Reflection ,b20230301 aa 33,206329,Old Shop ,b20230228 aa 24,206294,Frame Doors and Bike ,b20230228 aa 23,203655,A Good Shop ,b20230227 aa 14,203546,Angles ,b20230227 aa 13,203548,Outside ,b20230224 aa 54,208026,Closed Door ,b20230224 aa 53,220676,Mounted Policemen ,b20230223 aa 44,207952,Glasses ,b20230223 aa 43,207936,Our Terrace ,b20230222 aa 34,207983,Old Rome ,b20230222 aa 33,208017,The Talking Statue ,b20230221 aa 24,208074,New Pizza House ,b20230221 aa 23,207966,Our Table ,b20230220 aa 14,203893,The Hole ,b20230220 aa 13,207965,Tiny Flowers ,b