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20220520 a 54,199697,Teeth ,b20220520 a 53,199695,Solitude ,b20220519 a 44,199433,The Fence ,b20220519 a 43,204694,That Window ,b20220518 a 34,199712,Alec Memories ,b20220518 a 33,203734,Last Days ,b20220517 a 24,199448,Branches ,b20220517 a 23,199685,Shapes ,b20220516 a 14,199732,Vortex ,b20220516 a 13,199329,That House ,b20220513 a 54,193823,The End ,b20220513 a 53,194413,That Place ,b20220512 a 44,194080,Waves ,b20220512 a 43,199028,Only Yesterday ,b20220511 a 34,194083,Winter Day at the Sea ,b20220511 a 33,194072,The King of Sea ,b20220510 a 24,194417,Where are They ,b20220510 a 23,193359,The Good Hunter ,b20220509 a 14,194412,Afternoon ,b20220509 a 13,193502,Lungotevere ,b