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20221209 aa 54,206297,Italian Street Food Shop ,b20221209 aa 53,203731,The Gymnast ,b20221208 aa 44,206292,The Alley ,b20221208 aa 43,206286,Solitude ,b20221207 aa 34,206291,Open Door ,b20221207 aa 33,204710,Tourtles Fountain ,b20221206 aa 24,203662,The Witch Looks at You ,b20221206 aa 23,202724,The Protest ,b20221205 aa 14,202626,Lionesses and Water ,b20221205 aa 13,202611,New Angles ,b20221202 aa 54,206688,That Old Tree ,b20221202 aa 53,206670,Before ,b20221201 aa 44,206686,Down to the Garage ,b20221201 aa 43,206662,Memories ,b20221130 aa 34,206677,The Entrance ,b20221130 aa 33,206676,Old Rome ,b20221129 aa 24,206652,Bottles and Cards ,b20221129 aa 23,206661,Early Afternoon Reflections ,b20221128 aa 14,206642,Doors ,b20221128 aa 13,203616,Hard Parking ,b