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20231110 aa 52,259879,Five Points Star ,c20231110 aa 51,259862,Tenor and Many Eyes ,c20231109 aa 42,259837,Paintings ,c20231109 aa 41,259850,Sculptures on the Floor ,c20231108 aa 32,259807,Auditoriu m ,c20231108 aa 31,259814,Reflections of Me and my Camera ,c20231107 aa 22,259822,Fishes Wall ,c20231107 aa 21,259819,Fishes ,c20231106 aa 12,259812,Green Atmosphere ,c20231106 aa 11,259793,That Blue Magic Tree ,c20231103 aa 52,260734,Sweet Autumn ,c20231103 aa 51,260557,The Boys and the Little Dog ,c20231102 aa 42,260546,Enchanted Lovely Places ,c20231102 aa 41,260599,Hi Everyone ,c20231101 aa 32,260657,Boats ,c20231101 aa 31,260715,Hunting Moments ,c20231031 aa 22,260524,Peace and Calm ,c20231031 aa 21,260712,White Elegance ,c20231030 aa 12,260500,Along Lovely Tiber ,c20231030 aa 11,260573r,Gray Heron Hidden Among The Foliage ,c