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20231110 aa 56,259894,The Artist ,m20231110 aa 55,260020,Another Red Line ,m20231109 aa 46,260032,Spaces ,m20231109 aa 45,260030,Red Lines ,m20231108 aa 36,259987,New Books ,m20231108 aa 35,259928,Other Reflections ,m20231107 aa 26,259927,Reflections ,m20231107 aa 25,259988,A Shipwreck ,m20231106 aa 16,259883,Perspective ,m20231106 aa 15,259882,The Other Man and Me ,m20231103 aa 56,DSC_3298,Chestnut Curls ,m20231103 aa 55,RDP6053,Caricatures ,m20231102 aa 46,155136,The Spy ,m20231102 aa 45,155131,Crossing the Road ,m20231101 aa 36,155107,Together in the Night ,m20231101 aa 35,153819,The Wait ,m20231031 aa 26,151850,The Return ,m20231031 aa 25,135053,The Moon ,m20231030 aa 16,134527,Golden Glasses ,m20231030 aa 15,115856,Flying Very High ,m