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20221209 aa 56,204398,Lovely Dummies ,m20221209 aa 55,204382,Good Bye Alien ,m20221208 aa 46,204395,Reflections ,m20221208 aa 45,204386,More Hats ,m20221207 aa 36,204385,Lost Legs ,m20221207 aa 35,204384,A New Harlequin ,m20221206 aa 26,204389,Galassia ,m20221206 aa 25,204381,More Confidences ,m20221205 aa 16,204380,Confidences ,m20221205 aa 15,204374,Reds and Whites ,m20221202 aa 56,DSC_8451,Lost in the Wood ,m20221202 aa 55,DSC_5719,Ship and Sunset ,m20221201 aa 46,130098,Deep Love ,m20221201 aa 45,129706,Yesterday ,m20221130 aa 36,122400,Angels in the Sky ,m20221130 aa 35,126126,Seagulls in the Morning ,m20221129 aa 26,101960,Saint Peter Dome ,m20221129 aa 25,112228,Evening ,m20221128 aa 16,130051,Fishermen ,m20221128 aa 15,402,Caricatures ,m