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m,20230111 aa 32,220536,Lovely Imagination ,cm,20221209 aa 51,203631,Elly ,cm,20221101 aa 21,216590,The Vision ,cm,20221004 aa 24,214750,Just the Day Before (d),bm,20220919 aa 11,207693,Starting Day ,cm,20220712 aa 26,207829,The Red Shoes ,mm,20220609 aa 42,199691,Pinecones ,cm,20220531 aa 22,205540,Three Graces ,cm,20220415 a 51,202523,Horses and Riders 51 ,cm,20220304 a 53,193153,Great Jonathan ,bm,20220225 a 51,185856,Lake Tour Happy Boat ,cm,20220112 a 31,192729,Big Chains ,cm,20211217 a 51,202075,Daily Life in the Little Lake (9) ,cm,20211119 a 51,194942,Reflections ,cm,20211001 a 52,197998,Final Limbo ,cm,20210927 a 12,197946,Ritual Dance of Fire,cMy Lovely NieceEllyDoorsW Nutella