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w,20220509 a 11,202848,Candid Love ,cw,20220415 a 51,202523,Horses and Riders 51 ,cw,20220408 a 52,202922,Lady of Tulips ,cw,20220330 a 31,DSC_3963,Old Temple ,cw,20220325 a 52,DSC_3323,Shoeshine ,cw,20220317 a 41,200403,Art Closed Shop ,cw,20220307 a 11,197188,Last Summer ,cw,20220304 a 53,193153,Great Jonathan ,bw,20220225 a 51,185856,Lake Tour Happy Boat ,cw,20220214 a 11,186133,Champions ,cw,20220211 a 51,185926,Champions ,cw,20220131 a 11,185376,Sunrise ,cw,20220128 a 51,185522,Good Bye ,cw,20220121 a 51,201670,Gentle Wings ,cw,20220112 a 31,192729,Big Chains ,cw,20211217 a 51,202075,Daily Life in the Little Lake (9) ,cw,20211206 a 11,193436,Last Summer River Cruise ,cw,20211202 a 41,201072,Jonathan ,cw,20211124 a 31,199014,Japanese Mask (3) ,cw,20211119 a 51,194942,Reflections ,c