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w,20221202 aa 51,219557,Thirsty Sikh ,cw,20221121 aa 11,202378,Going Right ,cw,20221118 aa 51,213853,Just Look at Me ,cw,20221111 aa 52,215654,Ready Again ,cw,20221101 aa 21,216590,The Vision ,cw,20221028 aa 51,213755,Lovely Eyes ,cw,20221017 aa 12,216266,Lovely Queen ,cw,20221011 aa 21,213714,Lovely Girl ,cw,20221004 aa 24,214750,Just the Day Before (d),bw,20220930 aa 51,213344,Tom a ,cw,20220919 aa 11,207693,Starting Day ,cw,20220916 aa 51,211599,New Entrance ,cw,20220905 aa 11,211808,Live in the Sunshine ,cw,20220729 aa 51,210513,Beautiful Tuft ,cw,20220722 aa 52,210719,Happy Boys ,cw,20220712 aa 26,207829,The Red Shoes ,mw,20220704 aa 11,209416,Roman Vestals 209416 ,cw,20220630 aa 41,209300,Romans and Gladiators 209300 ,cw,20220620 aa 11,200062,Rome from Monte Mario ,cw,20220617 aa 51,195270,Saint Peter's Cathedral ,c