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w,20230921 aa 41,213364,Lovely Lady in Black ,cw,20230911 aa 12,259292,Modern Swordswoman ,cw,20230908 aa 51,225225,The Query ,cw,20230724 aa 12,259254,Lovely Afternoon ,cw,20230717 aa 11,259238r,The Girl with the Sword ,cw,20230710 aa 11,258601,Good Morning! ,cw,20230704 bb 21,258509,cw,20230628 aa 32,258300,Vita Dulcis 32 ,cw,20230623 aa 51,256727,Lovely Enchanted Leaves ,cw,20230616 aa 51,257179,The Queen Relaxes ,cw,20230609 aa 52,256234,Lovely Good Bye ,cw,20230531 aa 31,193272,Very Beautiful Looks ,cw,20230526 aa 51,225124,Lovely Poppies ,cw,20230515 aa 11,256063,Frames ,cw,20230510 aa 32,189451,Lovely Eyes ,cw,20230421 aa 51,208148,My Lovely Tiny Flowers 208148 ,cw,20230411 aa 23,221646,Last Sunday ,bw,20230407 aa 51,170298,It was Summer ,aw,20230330 aa 41,201937,Seagulls ,cw,20230324 aa 51,196050,Green Leaves of Summer ,c